The Washington Conservation Club

Indoor Range


The Club has a 50 foot indoor range. The entrance is located outside on the west side of the building.

A great place to shoot when the weather is bad or at night.

The only time the range is closed is during a rental event.

Check the Calendar of Events tab for rental events.

Washington Conservation Club

Indoor Range Rules


Nonmembers may shoot here only when accompanied by a member. All others are trespassing and will be subject to arrest and prosecution.

Follow all NRA Range Safety Rules.

Alcohol is prohibited on all Conservation Club Ranges.

All shooters must wear proper eye protection. All persons present must wear proper hearing protection.

MAXIMUM handgun caliber: .45 ACP. MAXIMUM rifle caliber: .22 LR

No shooting is allowed when there is an event being held upstairs.

Shooters must fire at paper targets only. All firing must be downrange with great care taken to make sure any projectile is stopped by the backstop.

No full automatic fire is allowed. No tracer, armor-piercing, or incendiary rounds can be used.

Clean up brass and put in container provided or take it home.

Shooters must dispose of any target material and other items (tape, push pins, etc.) they use. If you pack it in, pack it out. Place trash in barrel.

Clean up the range before leaving. Make sure doors are locked.

To report problems/concerns or if the range needs attention, call the Club at (812)698-4159.

Printable Indoor Range Rules